Backpacker Halloween Costume Ideas

Not sure what to be this Halloween? Unless you’ve been carrying a tutu and mask in your backpack this whole time, you’ll probably need to get creative. Here’s some backpacker Halloween costume ideas that use materials that you probably already have, or can easily find last minute at the store. Grab some friends and get creative!

Emoji Costumes

Dancing Girl Emoji

Travelling with a friend? This costume couldn’t be easier.

Materials: Black shirt, black shorts, headband & paper to make the ears


Poop Emoji

Backpacker Costume

Materials: googly eyes, brown felt or paper, stick, glue or tape

Greek God/Goddess

Backpacker Costume

What backpacker can’t find a sheet?

Materials: Sheet, belt, twigs

50 Shades of Grey

Backpacker Costume

No red rooms required.

Materials: Black shirt, paint swatches

Cat Costume


Backpacker Costume

Traditional, but easy and cute.

Materials: Black clothing, eyeliner whiskers, headband & paper ears


Spice Girls


Backpacker Costume

No singing required.

Materials: black shirts, spices printed on paper, aprons (optional)

Tacky Tourist

Backpacker Costume

You’re already a tourist, right?

 Materials: Any souvenir shirts, khaki pants, fanny pack, camera, maps, hats

Blessing in Disguise

Backpacker Costume

You’ll get a few chuckles with this one.

Materials: Black shirt,  iron-on letters (or printed out), nose-and-mustache glasses


Backpacker Costume

Materials: Button down shirt or white shirt tucked in, khakis, glasses, bow tie, suspenders

She Sells Seashells

Backpacker Costume

Say that three times, fast.

Materials: black shirt, coat, seashells, shades


Backpacker Costume

Cute, colorful, and easy.

Materials: yellow dress, green paper or felt


Backpacker Costume

You’ll be the only happy one if it rains.

Materials: umbrella, string or ribbon or paper, tape or glue

Pop Art Character

Backpacker Costume

This one is versatile and goes with any clothes. Steady hand required.

Materials: Makeup


Party Animal

Backpacker Costume

Materials: Party hat, animal print clothes, paper for ears


Backpacker Costume

A simple and easy classic.

Materials: White shirt, black shirt, paper for heart, makeup


If any of these backpacker Halloween costume ideas require clothes that you don’t have, check out the local Vinnies!