Top 5 New Years Resolutions, Australia-backpacker style

Happy new year from Travellers Oasis! Whether you welcomed the new year with fireworks down in Sydney or celebrated with us way up north in Cairns, do you have a new years resolution for 2019? How will you change for the better this year? We’ve got a list of the top 5 new years resolutions in Australia. Let’s see how we can adapt them to the backpacker life in Australia.

Improve your fitness

Park Workout

The most common new years resolution around the world is to exercise more. This can be especially challenging for backpackers who are always on the move and not able to sign up for a gym membership. The best way to improve your fitness as a backpacker is to build a workout routine that you can do anywhere, with little or no equipment. For example, check out these great body weight exercises.

Besides using your own body weight against you, you can easily expand your options with resistance bands. You can use them almost anywhere and they are small and light weight, making them ideal for #backpackerlife

It’s summertime in Australia so take advantage of the warm weather and get outside. Doing push-ups or sit-ups can feel much more enjoyable with a beautiful view of the beach or a park in the background. Exercising in the great outdoors can help your muscles and your tan!

Eat better

The most reliable way to eat healthier as a backpacker is to first, try to eat out less. Whether it’s fish and chips, a meat pie, or a kebab, cheap backpacker meals out are generally the worst for your health. You’ll save money and eat better if you can find a way to make your own food. Making healthy food doesn’t have to be a challenge. Start with some basics like brown rice, a bag of frozen veggies, or a can of black beans, find a sauce that suits your tastes and isn’t packed with calories, and you’re well on your way to crafting a tasty meal. We’ve got a great list of healthy backpacker meals that are sure to satisfy.

meal prep
Eating the same meal is boring but will save you time and money

Cooking in advance and preparing a few meals at once can help you save time, money, and make it easier to eat healthy. Buy a pack of reusable plastic containers and make a few dinners at once. You’ll save money buying larger portions of ingredients. Yes, it’s boring to eat the same foods too many days in a row, but prepping 3 dinners at once means less time cooking and doing dishes (and you’re a good backpacker that always does his/her dishes, right??)

Quit smoking

Smoking in Australia is so expensive that hypothetically, it should be easy to quit while you’re living in Oz! The truth is, a backpacker rolling a cigarette in front of a hostel is a common sight, and it can still be hard to kick the habit. Besides thinking about your health, which you’ve heard a thousand times how detrimental smoking is, think this time about your wallet! Smoking is expensive! Do you want to blow your money destroying your lungs or would you rather have that extra money to spend on your travels? One tip that will help you kick the habit is to avoid spending time around people that are smoking. Is there a smoking area at your hostel’s patio? Go hang out somewhere else! Maybe you’re sitting around a campfire when someone decides to light up. Taking a short walk to enjoy the stars will take your mind off smoking and reduce the likelihood that you give in to old habits

price of cigarettes
Australia: A great country for almost anything besides smoking

Quit drinking

Quitting the grog is a common New Years Resolution. As a backpacker in Australia it’d be really tough, and with so many research studies finding benefits to moderate drinking, why cut it out of your life completely? A big tip for backpackers is to stop buying goon! That cardboard box hides how much you’re drinking and a 5 L box can seem never-ending. Next time, split a bottle of wine with a friend. the glass will keep you aware of how much you’re consuming and the smaller size will tell you when it’s time to stop. Besides laying off the cask wine, another suggestion is to, again, think of the cost! A bottle of spirits in Australia costs more than the entire daily budget for backpacking in Asia. Cutting down your alcohol consumption can easily increase your travel consumption.

Sleep more

Sleep is one of the top ten new years resolution topics for Australians and it can be a challenge for backpackers in Australia too, especially those living in a hostel. The easiest way to improve your sleep habits in 2019 is to get yourself some earplugs and an eye-mask. Waking up every time someone slams a door or flicks on the lights can leave you feeling tired in the morning, making eight hours of sleep feel like four. If your problem is getting to bed on time, try setting two alarms on your phone, one that gives you enough time to start getting ready to call it a night, and the other for when it’s time to actually to go to bed. Simple nudges like this can help you change your habits over time.

Best wishes for a great 2019!

happy new year

Making the most of your time in Australia isn’t just about crossing places off your bucket list. Even though you’re backpacking there are plenty of ways you can kick old bad habits and start new good habits this year. Whether you want to start buying vegetables, stop buying goon, or anything in between, have a happy new year and best wishes in 2019 from your friends at Travellers Oasis!